Does My Sydney Draftsman Need To Be Registered & Licensed?

For the regional government to take the architectural drawings filed they’ll need either an Architectural Registration amount or Construction Practitioner Number.

To acquire these number you need to be a skilled Sydney Architect or Building Designer and reveal you’ve got active Insurances, reveal evidence of your qualifications and pay an yearly Fee.

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Posted by HousePlan Design and Drafting Service Sydney on Saturday, August 19, 2017

There are a great deal of Sydney draftsman out there which don’t hold these enrollment numbers (possibly as it isn’t possible to cover the charges or they don’t have the complete qualifications). They could be in a position to still draft up your drawings, nevertheless you will get unstuck at the time of lodgement since the council may reject the program and you’ll be made to find the drawings either redrawn or signed off with a registered Architect or Construction Contractor who’ll charge you a hefty fee to undertake this risk.

Is House Plan Design & Drafting Services Registered & Licensed?

Yes. House Plan Design & Drafting Servicest retains all up to date Architectural Registrations around Australia and all of the applicable Insurances required. This usually means that they take the risk and responsibility of your job and stop you being caught out.

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