Disability Handrails

image courtesy of : www.randwick.nsw.gov.au

image courtesy of : www.randwick.nsw.gov.au

Changes to our surroundings face the added challenges related to living at home and will end up crucial as we grow older. Falls are the most typical injury throughout the house and could be avoided by the usage of security bars and handrails to supply the additional support needed by the elderly and people who have limited freedom as well as firmness. Handrails may be utilized during your house to give security and help prevent tumbles along ramps, steps and halls and can help you lower your danger of dropping and offer a safe, reachable encompassing and maintain your equilibrium. It is the most affordable house and toilet adjustment made!


Grab bars should be mounted securely, rather screwed right to wall studs or wood blocking. In expectation, walls should have been fortified with wood blocking in the tub, shower and toilet spaces, in the time of building. Sadly, this really is generally not the situation because most home builders have not contemplated the needs of those aged or handicapped. We discover that stud spacing can be at random particularly in the restroom, across the toilet and shower space. Depending on individual demands, grab bars may be mounted vertically or at an angle to coincide with existing wall studs. Flat setup may be hard in existing states because bar size and stud spacing don’t fit.

The railing returned to the wall ends rounded off or terminate in the posts.

We construct security bars and handrails to the The Building Code of Australia in conformity:

The Building Code of Australia handrail dimensionsWe assemble and install steel handrails were approved by The Building Code of Australia for measures and wheelchair ramps for the Houston, Texas and surrounding region. Setup and our handrail layout are based upon the demands of every person as well as place and custom made for each program. Our accredited and certified welder has more than 20 years of welding expertise. We use stainless steel or schedule 40 steel conduit to construct handrails.

We offer (BCA) compliant, totally enclosed suicide evidence grab bars and handrails for suicide prevention and patient safety. The enclosed suicide evidence catch from tying anything to hospital patients barbottom keeps them. See details. Please contact us to find out more.

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