Handrails for the Disabled in Australia


image courtesy of : www.humanrights.gov.au

Many modern handrails were created to help those with ambulatory impairments, especially blindness and specific impairments. The Australians with Disabilities Act The Building Code of Australia establishes specific structural parameters to which many public and commercial places must conform to be completely accessible to individuals with physical handicaps. Among those parameters covers positioning and the layout of including grab bars, handrails. Used in several houses, handrails aren’t restricted to public places. But most grab bars and handrails found in private settings may also be made to meet The Building Code of Australia standards


The Stuff

For grab bars and handrails to meet with The Building Code of Australia standards, public need to have the ability to resist a specific amount of pressure. But handrails and some grab bars (see www.balustradeauthority.com) made to be used in-house use are manufactured from PVC pipe or reinforced nylon.



The most frequent forms of handrails are those used for wheelchair access ramps and pathways, stairs. These railings go along paths parallel to incline or the earth. It’s not unusual for all these railings to enter shades or vibrant shades that contrast the backdrop. Additionally, these kinds of The Building Code of Australia railings will most likely have Braille signage at every end, showing destination and the location of the railing.


Grab Bars

There is a grab bar a shortened handrail, used mainly in toilets to help disabled persons. Bathroom grab bars are very common but can even be set up in a disabled person’s residence. These bars normally sit next to the bathroom on both sides or one, letting the handicapped person. Similar grab bars are manufactured for baths and showers. A grab bar’s purpose is generally to assist in movement and support in private scenarios where a wounded or disabled man is not likely to want help from a different individual.



There are a number of mobile grab bars in the marketplace that use suction cups at every end to stick to some surface that is smooth. These aren’t designed as they’d be unable to satisfy with the stress conditions, using suction cups. But these help people that have moderate impairments or people who travel a good deal.



Used mainly in hospitals, particularly psychiatric wards, these railings possess a sheet that goes to an adjoining wall in the interior of the railing. This helps to ensure that patients cannot tie anything with which to hang themselves around the railing.

Shower Seats

Shower seats are ADA grab bars that are related to and so are usually manufactured from a substance that is similar. Shower seats usually have a grab bar that is built in or nearby.

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